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A Person-Reported Outcome for Substance Use Recovery

Who can take the survey?

People in Recovery from Substance Use Disorder

Provide feedback from your lived experience 

Add your voice in developing a person-reported outcome for recovery


Family members and friends of people in recovery, people who treat and are experts in the field of substance use disorder and recovery, and measure developers

Background Information

WHY AM I ASKING YOU? You are a person who has self-identified as being in recovery. Your participation in this research study is to contribute to the development of a person-reported outcome for substance use recovery.

WHAT IS THE STUDY? The study is being conducted by Elisabeth Okrant, a PhD Student at Brandeis University. I am trying to understand which items contribute to recovery, and whether they can be associated with a certain phase of the recovery process.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO PARTICIPATE? I am asking that you complete questions about what matters for recovery, and how they relate to your recovery experience. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to respond to a list of items that will be used to develop a recovery measure that can be used to monitor individual recovery progress over time. This measure will be used to develop a performance measure to understand how well providers and health plans are addressing recovery.  In addition, the survey will ask some questions about you and your background to assess for whom the new recovery measure can best be applied. 

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? The hope is that your participation will benefit people in recovery. With the information I learn from you, I hope to advance research that supports the development of quality metrics for substance use recovery. My goal is to use measurement to improve treatment delivery and improve the quality care for people in recovery.  

If you choose, you may provide contact information that will enter you into a lottery for a $50 gift certificate for your participation. 

WHAT’S NEXT? If you are interested in participating, please use the link to access the survey. You can also email eokrant@brandeis.edu, if you want to ask questions before deciding if you want to participate in the study.

About the Study

Purpose of the Research

I have worked with measurement and performance improvement throughout my career in the behavioral health quality management field.  In doing this work, I identified gaps in performance measurement resulting from the lack of consumer voices in defining and measuring recovery outcomes.  As a result, I am pursuing a dissertation that initiates development of a patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) for substance use disorder (SUD) recovery. 

The development of a PROM for SUD recovery has two main purposes. First, it empowers people in recovery to define and assess their level of improvement toward their goals and track changes over time.  PROMs support self-management of recovery progress.  Second, I believe that measurement is critical for improving recovery oriented systems of care and holding providers accountable for supporting people in their recovery pathways.  Presently, behavioral health measures do not measure recovery outcomes which minimizes the importance of quality and performance improvement among providers and systems of care.  I aim to contribute to the SUD field and the health and quality of life of people in recovery through measure development that supports person-centered care.

I am hoping to receive survey participation from a representative sample of people in recovery in order to maximize feedback from people who experience recovery differently.  My goal is to make the measure useful for a wide range of people accounting for the multiple and unique ways in which people define recovery for themselves.  I am asking participants to prioritize elements of recovery on recovery outcomes, and also inquire whether those elements are associated with a particular stage of recovery.  Using the data that I collect, I will develop a PROM in conjunction with input from people with lived experiences of recovery.

About the Researcher

Elisabeth Okrant

Hi.  My name is Elisabeth Okrant.  I am currently a third-year PhD student at the Heller School in the Behavioral Health Concentration.  In 2017, I received an MA in Social Policy with a concentration in behavioral health from the Heller School.  I have an MPH with a concentration in management from Yale University and BA in Anthropology from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.  

My research interests include patient-reported outcomes of recovery and quality and performance improvement measures.  I have a strong interest in the development and implementation of performance measures linked to improving client outcomes. 

For five years, I have worked at MBHP, a Beacon Health Options Company, the Massachusetts Medicaid behavioral health insurer. I initially served as the Director of Performance Measurement and Improvement. After fifteen months, I assumed the Vice President, Quality Management role. In this position, I oversee strategic operations, performance and quality improvement, and daily clinical quality operations. I am a member of the executive team leading the delivery of quality behavioral healthcare to Massachusetts’ Medicaid population.


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